Dale Mengel

I have been into photography since I was only a young child, often playing around with mum's old Konica Minolta film camera. However, I only really starting focusing on photography as a hobby in late 2008, teaching myself the techniques and technical knowledge. Critique on photography forums, magazines and the internet proved invaluable in helping me refine these skills. I still have much to learn, as we all do!

As you can see, my real passion subject-wise is birds. I am first and foremost a bird watcher - the welfare of the bird is always my priority so I will not pursue a photo if there is any chance of having a negative impact on the bird. I first became interested in birds at the age of 10 after a school assignment which required me to create a wildlife calendar. My first bird field guide was given to me by my late grandmother in 1997 and I have been interested in them ever since.

I work as an Environmental Health Officer for Local Government, so photography serves as a hobby moreso than a profession. I live in Queensland on Australia's east coast.

By sharing a few photos of Australia's wildlife, I hope to ignite people's interest in flora and fauna and hopefully inspire people do their bit to ensure that these wonderful creatures are still around for future generations to enjoy.

If you would like to purchase or enquire about using any of my images, please contact me using the "Contact " tab on my website. Images for good causes such as conservation, awareness, education or non-profit organisations are usually free of charge.

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