Feathers and Photos - a great website for viewing and sharing photos of Australian birds where members will give constructive critique. I have learnt a lot from the members on this site.

Richard Hall Photography - one of the Administrators on Feathers and Photos and a great photographer. He is one of the main people responsible for keeping Feathers and Photos up and running.

Peter Marden Photography - I have had the pleasure of meeting Peter when he visited the Whitsundays. A good friend and takes some very nice photographs!

David Stowe Photography - another Administrator on Feathers and Photos. A professional photographer and a keen twitcher, Dave has taken some amazing photographs on his various birding expeditions.

Mark Young's Blog - "Stints and Gulls" - I have had the pleasure of meeting Mark Young - a great guy who is lucky enough to live close to Long Reef - a great spot for waders. We are still working on a proper day birding at "Longy" after a few failed attempts!

Reilly Photographics - A friend of mine from university who has started a joint family adventure in photography. She takes some great images! Be sure to contact her for a photo session if you are in Mount Gambier area in South Australia!

Birds Being Birds - Chris Martinez: a Moderator on Feathers and Photos and a great guy! Always takes beautiful photographs and has a keen eye for how photographs can be improved.

Wings On Wire - Paul Randall: an Administrator on Feathers and Photos who I have had the pleasure of meeting. Be sure to check out his photography workshops if you are down in the Melbourne area.

James Doyle Photography - based in Brisbane, James runs workshops, field trips and tours aimed at wildlife photographers. If you are ever in or around the Brisbane area, contact James beforehand for some quotes!

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